TIPH (This Is Public Health)

Join with global partner around the world on TIPH (This Is Public Health) project.

As the number of the COVID-19 confirmed cases continues growing, Indonesia’s government is preparing to take off with mass coronavirus jabs. Even though the vaccine candidates are still on their race on trial phase, the Indonesia Ministry of Health has asked all their local health authorities to steer the health program in 2021 for mass Coronavirus vaccination. The health programs will refocus on preparing the health workers and the cold chain of the vaccination. Meanwhile, the hesitancy of this new vaccine’s safety and effectiveness is rising, with no intervention yet to prepare the psychological tension of the population to receive this vaccine. Summoning the long history of anti-vaccine in Indonesia, there will be a strong possibility of rejection of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Our proposed project will focus on increasing both the knowledge and awareness of the Coronavirus vaccination. As a research group that commonly works with science communication, we will translate the existing robust scientific papers related to the Coronavirus vaccination into accessible language for laypersons. The lay summaries will be used as the campaign content, which then posts to multiple popular social media channels. Structured and repetitive content exposures will be conducted, supported by a virtual challenge to trigger laypersons’ attention to make the campaign viral.