About Project

Indonesia has started mass COVID-19 vaccination with some challenges in educating the
layperson on this vaccine’s safety and usefulness.

This project aims to increase the layperson’s knowledge and awareness of the Coronavirus vaccination by empowering public health students as a science communicator. Public health students will be assisted in translating any existing robust scientific papers related to the Coronavirus vaccination into accessible language for laypersons, as the campaign content. Multiple popular social media channels with structured and repetitive content exposures will be conducted.

This project aims to address two main goals, such as:

a. Improving layperson knowledge and awareness of the Coronavirus vaccination. This project will focus on spreading health information related to the Coronavirus vaccination, so it will minimize the misinformation related to the Coronavirus vaccine and boost laypersons awareness of this issue.

b. Mainstreaming public health professionals as the science communicator in educating
people. This goal is to exhibit the scientific communication ability and cultural competencies
skills of public health professionals. This campaign will be the real example of how public health professionals as health science communicators are needed in educating people during the infodemic.

We also collaborate with some partners. They are Drone Emprit Academic (DEA), Society of Indonesian Science Journalists (SISJ), and Jago Preventif.

This project supported by This Is Public Health, and with the support of Dr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Riegelman as The Global Network for Academic Public Health (Global Network) program.