The Changing Nature of CampusHealth Insurance: Testing Portability Issues of National Health Insurance

Before National Health Insurance was implemented, the majority of leading universities in Indonesia already covered their studentswith a health insurance scheme. They managed their own campus health insurance independently. Both National Health Insurance in 2014 and single tuition policy in 2015 brought huge change to campus health insurance. This study aims to analyse students’ needsin health insurance after implementation of these policies. This is an exploratory study with cross-sectional design. The sample was taken by voluntary sample through online questionnaire. There were 83 students across different academic degree participated in this study. Most of the students (65.1%) came from various districts outside the campus district and chose to reside in boarder houses around the campus. There were only 52.9% of the students already listed as National Health Insurance participants. Out-of-pocket risk belongs to 35.5% students who were not covered by health insurance at all. Almost all of the students who already participated in National Health Insurance (93.3%) were registered in the primary healthcare in their hometown. The students are already paying for single tuition which does not accommodate health insurance. A real changing need of migrant students for health insurance coverage exists in the National Health Insurance era. 1INTRODUCTIONUniversal Health Coverage swept many countries in the last decade, including Indonesia. Even though Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country with a widely dispersed territory, National Health Insurance is chosen as the health insurance mechanism ratherthan region-based insurance. This decision has consequences in the portability challenges of the preferred health insurance scheme. Previous region-based health insurance mechanisms already implemented by local government should be merged into a national scheme. It should enable not only raising the poolinglevel in local government, but also maintaining the cross-regional participation transfer (Pan et al., 2016).Previously, the majority of universities in Indonesia had institutionally managed health services for their students before the enactment of the National Health Insurance. The provision of this health service is funded through a student health insurance scheme that is managed independently by the university and which is limited only for students in the university. Student health insurance is regulated through the policy of each rector. Generally, this fund pooling is collected through a semi-annual contribution in addition to the tuition fee. These funds are managed to finance the health of students during their education. However, in accordance with the mandate of the Ministry of Education, universities are not permitted to collect additional fees outside the national rate. However, the calculation of this national rate does not accommodatestudent healthcare insurance. The National Health Insurance that was launched one year previously also makes this situation more complicated. The availability of parental health insurance can have significant effects on the probability that a young individual enrols as a full-time student in university (Jung et al., 2013). Unfortunately, there is no individual student membership in National Health Insurance. To be able to be covered by National HealthInsurance, students should be registered with all of their family members. The huge variations of health insurance mechanisms bring many obstacles to the citizens who wish to temporarily move to another region for some years. In Indonesia, young adults from rural regions who have just graduated from senior high

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